May. 18th, 2009

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A prayer of William of St Thierry to the Trinity, used to close his De Contemplatione, as translated by Bernard McGinn (The Growth of Mysticism, 272).

You, therefore, God the Father, by whom we live as Creator,
You, Wisdom of the Father, through whom we have been reformed and love wisely,
You, Holy Spirit, loving whom and in whom we live happily, and will live in total happiness,
Trinity of one substance, One God from whom we are, through whom we are, in whom we are...,
The Principle to which we are returning,
The Form we are following,
The Grace reconciling us,
We adore and bless.
To you be glory forever. Amen.
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I like to think of this sort of story as imaginative theology, or possibly creative exegesis (which I've just realised sounds like a euphemism of the order of 'creative accounting', but isn't meant as such).

A story for the season; the title, incidentally, is from a poem by C.S. Lewis on the Incarnation.

2651 words.

Summary: John had always been Jesus' best friend, which meant John found it rather less easy than the others to get used to the Risen Lord. A conversation, between Easter and Ascension.

How on earth could you be best friends with the Lord God of Israel? )


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